Welcome to the Lake Garda


The biggest sea in Italy, it is Lake Garda and became this form through the melts of the Etsch glacier during the ice age. The first settlements at the Lake Garda were approximately in the year 2000 before Christ. The Lake Garda lies between the Alps and the Po. In the north, the Lake Garda lies in the region Trentino Alto Adige, in the west in the region of the Lombardia, in the east in the region of Venezia. These three provinces share the administration. The northern side from the Lake Garda is surrounding from mountains, like the Monte Baldo etc. however the southern side of the Lake Garda lies at the shore in the level. The Lake Garda possesses also some islands itself. The biggest lies at the place of Saló and is called Isola Del Garda. South of it, in the bay of the place Manerba, another island lies: the Isola San Biagio with the additional island of i Conigli. Another small island lies between the harbour of Brenzone and Malcesine - Isola di Trimelone. This island is a military manner and closed. 
The clima at the Lake Garda is very agreeable with mildness and precipitation-poor winters and hot summers. The temperature at the Lake Garda lies between 13 - 15°C.  At the South site of the lake, a very mild climate prevails. The main winds here are the Peler and the Ora. This last is a South wind, which blows to midday until to the early evening hours. The northern of the Lake Garda are also a popular vacation for sailors and surfers. 
The Lake Garda is very rich in vegetation, speaks from olive trees, cedars, oleanders and among other things also palms.
It is known also for his lemons and oranges. In the place of Limone you can find cultivations of lemons where you enjoy also the liquor "limoncello."  Not only lemons are processed to liquor at the Lake Garda, but also the grapes are processed to best wine. Garda is a DOC region for the wine. (DOC = Denominazione di origine controllata). The DOC zones Riviera del Garda, Bresciano, Lugana, San Martino della Battaglia and Bardolino. 
All these sights are framed through numerous hotels, pensions, vacation apartments and camping places. The infrastructures usually opened from March until October. The Hight seasons are July and August. During the winter months, the hotels, cafes and restaurants are usually closed.